The Best Anime Series With A Katana And Sword Fighting Themes

Afro Samurai Anime - Anime Katana™

There’s no doubt that anime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today, and for a good reason – it offers a unique and engaging experience that can captivate viewers of all ages. But what about those series with a sword-fighting or katana-related theme?

If you’re looking for something extraordinary and exhilarating to watch, you need to look no further than these anime series! From action-packed thrillers to dark and dramatic stories, this series will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Check out these incredible titles if you enjoy anime or are just searching for something new to watch.

6. Dororo Anime
In the story’s prologue, a ruthless Samurai by the name of Daigo Kagemitsu bargains with a group of 48 devils for total control of the nation in exchange for the bodily parts of his newborn child. The wife was then given the order to drown the baby in the river by Daigo. The woman tried to commit such a terrible deed, but she was unable. In its place, she placed the kid in a boat.
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It is a miracle that the newborn infant, who was born without limbs, eyes, a nose, skin, or any other organ, managed to end up in the hands of a prosthetics maker. The small youngster survived his ordeal as a result of this. He is now an adult, his prosthetic limbs equipped with Katana blades. In an effort to get his body parts back, he is on a rampage while chasing demons, even if it means overturning the empire that was established as a result of his sacrifice.
5. Afro Samurai Anime
Future Japan is the setting for the events in Afro Samurai. In order to get revenge on the world’s best fighter, the main character goes on a mission. He felt it was time to face the fighter who was ranked number 1 after working his way up to the number 2 spot. He encounters a group of bounty hunters, killers, and monks on the way to taking retribution. Along with it, he is joined by a cheery Ninja. Not to add, how crazy the anime’s katana sword battle scenes are.
Afro Samurai Anime - Anime Katana™
4. Samurai Champloo Anime
A young lady named Fuu is being harassed by a group of evil samurai while she is working as a waitress in a tea shop. She is nevertheless saved by a bandit named Mugen and a ronin named Jin. Following that, Mugen and Jin engage in combat that ultimately results in the death of the local magistrate’s son.
Samurai Champloo Anime - Anime Katana™
It has been determined that both of them must be executed. Fuu helped to stop the execution and save them. In return, she asks for their help in finding the samurai whose scent is that of sunflowers. In this anime, almost every character uses a katana sword in battle. Hence, if you enjoy sword battle scenes, you must watch this anime!
3. Sword of the Stranger Anime
A popular anime film featuring sword and katana combat is called “Sword of the Stranger.” Nanashi, a young guy with aspirations of becoming a warrior, is the protagonist. He is currently being mentored by a monk who is teaching him the ways of life.
Sword of the Stranger Anime - Anime Katana™
Nanashi has a deep desire to understand the purpose of life. Yet in order to do so, he is forced to carry out heinous crimes in order to defend himself against the evil that exists in China and Japan. Although he hates the thought of doing so, he must suppress his genuine values in order to accomplish his goals and save humanity.
2. Bleach Anime
The idea of sword fighting is the focus of the popular anime Bleach. Although not every character in this anime wields a katana, there are a respectable number of them. Regardless, this anime is packed with incredible sword fighting scenes and “Bankai” power-ups that you definitely won’t want to miss! In the fantasy anime Bleach, shinigami (soul reapers) and the people who interact with them are the main characters.
Bleach Anime - Anime Katana™
1. Demon Slayer Anime
The most popular anime series is Demon Slayer. One of the most watched anime programs in the world, including katanas and samurai fighting techniques. The main goal of this anime, as its title suggests, is to defeat the demons who have been terrorizing humanity for eons.
Demon Slayer Anime - Anime Katana™
Demon Slayer has added its own flavor to traditional sword fighting techniques by developing “breathing forms,” which allow players a wide range of cool yet lethal sword blows.
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