The Top 5 Sword Wearers In Anime: Who Are The Best?

Artoria Pendragon Sabre Character - Anime Katana™

Anime is a popular genre of Japanese animation and movies. It typically features creatures or humans with superhuman abilities fighting against evil in an imaginative and often fantastical setting. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the strongest sword wielders in anime and see who comes out on top.

5. Akame Character in Akame Ga Kill!
True to her symbol, Akame wields the One Cut Killer, Murasame, which can single-shot anyone with a single scratch from its poisoned blade. While the cursed katana that Akame wields is one of her hallmarks, she’s not someone to be underestimated even without it.
Akame Character in Akame Ga Kill - Anime Katana™
The assassin-turned-rebel is one of the Empire’s deadliest assassins and one of the most powerful members of the Night Raid. Though she lacks raw strength, Akame makes up for it with incredible agility, speed, and accuracy.
4. Gintoki Sakata Character in Gintama
With the image of a Gintoki clown, it is easy to forget that he was a legendary samurai who earned a fearsome reputation as a white demon. Gintoki’s speed, intelligence, and strength often make it hard to believe that he is an ordinary human fighting with a wooden sword.
Gintoki Sakata Character in Gintama - Anime Katana™
Even without any biological advantages or flashy powers, Gintoki can still keep up with some of the strongest, like King Housen, Kamui, and Oboro. He has also single-handedly defeated a handful of Harusame and hundreds of Amanto with pure swordsmanship.
3. Artoria Pendragon/Sabre Character in Fate / Stay Night
Saber’s swordsmanship isn’t the most impressive thing about her. Regardless, Saber is an extremely skilled swordsman and has fought off mythical, legendary figures like Heracles using his Noble Phantasm Excalibur.
Artoria Pendragon Sabre Character - Anime Katana™
Even without his legendary sword, Saber instinctively relies on precognition, puzzling speed, and a wealth of experience. Overall, Saber’s stats are well-balanced, and while she may not resort to dirty tricks because of the chivalry she follows as a knight, we don’t think she needs any shots at a low price to give her an advantage on the battlefield.
2. Guts Character in Berserk
Despite what many might say, Guts is actually considered a swordsman, even if his sword resembles a misshapen lance rather than a sword. If anything, the fact that Guts was able to wield an inch-thick iron slab he called a sword with such ease and skill is a testament to his incredible strength.
Guts Character in Berserk - Anime Katana™
Guts’ aggressiveness and ferocity mask the sharp and cunning strategist he really is. He possesses many years of valuable experience from his time as a mercenary. It is often easy to forget that Guts is just an ordinary human when neither the human army nor the demons can stand before him and his vast sword Dragonslayer.
1. Hawkeye Mihawk Character in One Piece
As one of the notorious lords of the seas, and the current holder of the title of World’s Strongest Swordsman, it’s no surprise that Mihawk ranks so high. Mihawk’s skill with a sword is unmatched. His strikes are precise and powerful, able to cut through anything from steel to entire battleships and large icebergs.
Hawkeye Mihawk Character in One Piece - Anime Katana™
Even without his sword, Yoru, Mihawk easily outmaneuvered even skilled samurai like Zoro, whom he tamed with just a dagger. His insurmountable feats only added to his reputation – which he lived off of his versatile, elegant swordsmanship and confident temperament.
The above blog post is an objective review of many characters from different anime and manga. Each character has a natural skill and ability to display the full power of the sword. We invite you to read more of our other topics!
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