Which Are the Best Sword Art Online Anime Weapons That You Want To Own?

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Who wouldn’t want to possess the most powerful sword and armor in the game? In Sword Art Online, there are a variety of swords and armor that can be obtained by playing the game. Whether you’re looking for a weapon that can take down your enemies head-on or something that will provide you with some extra protection, we have collected a list of some of the best Sword Art Online anime weapons for you to check out!

5. Sword Made From A Massive Cedar Tree – Night Sky Sword

The Gigas Cedar, a massive tree in Eugeo’s hometown that Kirito helped cut down, was used to construct the Night Sky Sword, a Divine Item. The sword can create and project a huge spear when it is in its Full Control Art state.
Night Sky Sword - Anime Katana™
Kirito wasn’t sure what to call his sword when he first got it. However, after their struggle with Quinella, as Eugeo lay dying, he said that Kirito’s spirit was like a night sky full of stars and requested that Kirito give his blade the name Night Sky Sword.
4. A Sword With the Ability to Fire Sharp Beams of Light – Heaven Piercing Sword
Integrity Knight Fanatio Synthesis Two uses the Heaven Piercing Sword, a Divine Item. Quinella made the sword by concentrating the light of Solus into one point and reflecting it using a thousand mirrors to form a strong and devastating light beam. She then ordered the destruction of the mirrors and utilized their materials to create the Heaven Piercing Sword, a weapon that can fire light beams that can melt or pierce through everything they come in contact with.
Heaven Piercing Sword - Anime Katana™
The Heaven Piercing Sword has the ability to project these light beams in all directions while in its Full Control Art form. Although it is very tough to avoid, there is a good probability that the strike will also hit the user.
3. A Sword That Can Cover Opponents In Ice – Blue Rose Sword
Eugeo uses the Blue Rose Sword, a Divine Item, and he discovers it while searching for ice in the Edge Mountains with Alice and Kirito. Because of the sword’s might, Eugeo had to become a true swordsman before he could use it.
Blue Rose Sword - Anime Katana™
A rose, a particularly special flower in the Underworld, gave rise to the Blue Rose Sword when it was trapped in ice before it could wilt. The Blue Rose Sword can blanket a wide area in ice when it is in its Full Control Art form, trapping numerous foes. The ice will then develop thorny roses that snare whomever it has ensnared and sap their life power.
2. A Sword That Can Strike in the Past And the Future – Time Piercing Sword
Bercouli Synthesis One, the leader of the Integrity Knights, wields the Time Piercing Sword, also referred to as the Time Splitting Sword. The sword was made from the original System Clock, which its designers had left in the Underworld to regulate time.
Time Piercing Sword - Anime Katana™
The Time Piercing Sword’s origins allow it to cut through a moment in either the present or the past. It is impossible to predict when Bercouli will strike those battling him. In order to destroy Vecta, Bercouli utilized the Time Piercing Sword to travel back in time to the instant before Vecta launched his attack.
1. A Sword That Can Divide Into A Swarm Of Violent Flowers – Fragrant Olive Sword
Alice Synthesis Thirty, a knight of integrity, wields the Fragrant Olive Sword. An olive tree that flourished in the initial Underworld settlement was used to produce the sword, an immortal artifact. Alice was seated next to a large olive tree when Kirito and Eugeo initially went to battle her, and they were puzzled as to where her sword was at the time.
Fragrant Olive Sword - Anime Katana™
The tree, which had been gathering energy from the sun, abruptly transformed into flowers and into her sword. The sword may split into thousands of flowers when it is in its Full Control Art form, which can either swarm an adversary or sever them like a blade. Even Eugeo and Kirito, who had beaten every previous Integrity Knight, were powerless against the sword’s might.
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